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UV Curing Resin Hard Refill 200g


UV resin hard type products are provided at lower price from August 4th, 2017.  Price of soft resin and one of gummy resin are same excluded from the price reduction.   UV resin is good for cost performance.  

UV Resin Hard for refill are available with three sizes.
Two sizes: 100g and 200g refill are in stock and can be shipped together with other ordered products. 500g refill is produced on order. It takes 3 - 4 weeks leading time for delivery. Please send a request for 500g if you want to order the 500g size. All bottles are in black UV proof bottle.

"Drips from the Sun" is transparent resin gel which cures when exposed to ultraviolet rays.  The resin has been improved in quality with high transparency and stronger adhesiveness. Unlike 2-part epoxy resins, Padico resin is "ready for use", no mixing required.  Use just the amount you need without waste resin and time. 
Padico resin gives a very clean, transparent look and has outstanding hardness properties. 
Cured time  2 - 10 minutes with UV light (36w),
10 - 30 minutes with sun rays on fine weather,
30 - 60 minutes with sun rays on cloudy weather.

No Fire.
Use resin in a well-ventilated room.
Use gloves, glasses, and apron to protect the direct contact with skin, eyes and clothing.
Do NOT left UV resin for a long time under the fluorescent light to avoid curing in air. 
Proper storage temperature:  0℃- 25℃. 
Padico UV Resin Hard Refill 200g
NET 200g  Weight:  240g with black bottle
Ingredient: Acrylic resin  

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