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Jewel Color Finish Coat Matte


We are pleased to inform you that Jewel Color Finish Coat, gloss type & matte one has joined the series of resin color pigments. Use them on the surface of the cured resin to have shin and/or to give sanded glass texture.

・Cover fine scratches on the cured resin surface and have a shining gloss.
・Add gloss on the resin object molded with the mold not subjected to mirror surface finishing.
・On the process of making a sphere with two hemispherical cured resins, this item is useful to cover the gap and gloss on the surface.
・Use a paint brush or Pon Pon Attachment for tapping the gloss.
・Use denatured alcohol to remove the gloss coat.
・This is NOT resin coat. Do not mix with resin.

【Materials can be use on】
○ resin work, metal, glass, plastic, PET, shrink plastic, acrylic paint, water paint,
△ dried modeling clay, paper, synthetic leather, rubber
☓ oily pen

Common tips on gloss and matte
・Pon Pon Attachments are useful for coating. It is selling separately.
・Excellent coating resistance
・Use denatured alcohol to remove the coat.
・Show water-proofing property after dry.
・15 - 30 minutes for air drying. It depends on conditions.

Package size:W70×H130×D23mm
Bottle size:Φ22×H62mm
Matte coat
1 pc in a bag

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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 25 July, 2019.

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